Concerned, Inc. at a Glance – 2016

Concerned, Inc. provides training and supports to people with disabilities in the following areas: Organizational Employment, Community Employment, Adult Day Services and SCL Hourly and Site Services. Services in Organizational Employment and SCL Site, are provided in Harlan. Adult Day Services, Community Employment Services and SCL Hourly Services are provided primarily in the Harlan area, although Community Employment has developed jobs in neighboring communities and ADS and Hourly Services can be provided anywhere that the individual receiving the service chooses. Concerned, Inc. is located at 1812 Industrial Parkway in Harlan, Iowa. Our mission is held in constant priority by the staff, the Leadership and our Board of Directors.  In 2016 we, as an agency, performed very well and met the following list of accomplishments:

  • Received an additional three year HCBS accreditation following a Desk Review in Fall 2016
  • DIA accreditation awarded January 2016-January 2019
  • Starting wage increase, plus across the board increase for all employees in January 2016
  • Many updates and improvements made to agency owned rental properties
  • Became a designated Blue Zones Worksite

Concerned, Inc. achieved several agency goals for 2016 identified in the Accessibility Plan.

  1. The Site and Hourly programs engaged in countless activities with clients to engage them in the community in a variety of ways.
  2. Adult Day Services partnered with many new businesses to allow for more opportunities for clients to engage in the community during the day.
  3. Organizational Employment services referred many clients to Community Employment, while Community Employment expanded into additional local businesses, and worked hard to provide services to many clients previously accepted into the program. The year 2016 also focused on partnering with small, local businesses rather than corporate entities.
  4. The Medicaid system in Iowa changed and was became managed by private insurance companies. This agency has done a remarkable job of submitting claims, educating ourselves and our clients on services offered and changes made.
  5. The Maintenance Department completed a renovation project in the north end of the Administrative building to accommodate more SCL services.


Concerned, Inc. continues to demonstrate a customer-driven philosophy.  Client choice and individuality are the primary aspects of providing quality services to the people we serve. We will continue to explore new and expanding services to provide, in the most cost-effective manner, yet always keeping our mission and values in the forefront of our agency’s philosophy. We are aware of our strengths and also where our weaknesses lie. We are very proud of the accomplishments we have already achieved and look forward to future possibilities for growth and expansion.