Agency Introduction    2020

The Mission of Concerned, Inc. is to empower people to obtain their highest level of independence. I believe all those involved with Concerned, Inc. are mission oriented. Our mission is the reason for our existence. Everyone invested in our agency has a strong desire to not only fulfill our mission, but to provide the best services to our members possible. This agency strives to better the quality of our services constantly. The standard of services is never enough. We are continuously searching for the best practice, for better practice. We operate knowing there is always room for improvement. We conduct business in this manner because we always want to keep our members at the forefront of all that Concerned, Inc. stands for in the services to disabled individuals. 

The Outcome/Quality Improvement Report is developed annually to highlight the agency’s accomplishments and successes, both as an agency and within departments. A corrective action plan follows any goals not met which outlines steps to assist in achieving the goal moving forward into the new year. All programs Adult Day Services, Pre-Vocational Services, Supported Community Living Hourly Services, Supported Community Hourly Services, and Supported Employment, as well as the Administration, engage in development of goals. All departments compile demographic data, an analysis of strengths, needs, opportunities, and threats (SNOT), and additional short-term and long-term goals.

This Outcome/Quality Improvement Plan is reviewed multiple times a year by the Department Head Team. Many goals within are requirements of CARF and/or HCBS, both which the agency depends on for accreditation and/or funding. Other goals departments choose to focus on to improve as to provide better services for members and to better the agency.

Concerned, Inc. has always used a multitude of avenues to measures goals and focus on improvements. Each year, the agency develops and/or updates numerous plans, such as

  • Every three years, the Department Head teams writes a Strategic Plan. These are goals are lofty and long-term. These goals outline specific steps and action plans to accomplish throughout a three-year period. The Department Head Team reviews the plan several times a year and reviews the plan with the Board of Directors annually. achievement and updated results annually. Anytime the team writes a new plan, the team closes out the plan expiring that third year with the Board of Directors. The new Strategic Plan begins 2021 spanning until 2023. All members of the Board of Directors as well as any employee of Concerned, Inc. has access to this plan.
  • The Department Head Team and a member from each program writes the Accessibility/Barrier Plan annually. Quarterly throughout the year the committee meets to review and discuss the plan, as well as progress on any barriers identified. At the beginning of each year, the former year’s plan is reviewed as a new year’s plan is written. All goals involve steps to accomplish, including deadlines. The plan identifies barriers within the agency and any communities where members live and work that may hinder the provision of services of any individual engaging in any activity. Any Board of Director member and any employee of the agency has access to this plan at any time.
  • Annually, the Executive Director writes the Technology Plan which outlines objectives that focus on solutions to enhance technological demands of the agency. As the agency increases advancement in technology, service delivery improves for our members. The plan includes a variety of goals dependent on needs and access. The plan includes an annual technology budget. The Board of Directors and any employee of this agency has access to this plan at any time.
  • The Marketing Plan demonstrates the necessity of the agency’s services in all communities served. A review and update occur annually. Concerned, Inc. employs a multitude of ways to advertise the agency, services, and employment opportunities. The members of the Board of Directors and all employees can have access to this plan at any time.
  • Each year, the Maintenance Manager, and the Development Director address maintenance concerns through the Maintenance Plan. The plan centers on tasks and goals that focus on Concerned, Inc. property. This plan also considers budgetary matters. The Board of Directors and all employees of Concerned, Inc. have access to this plan.

This plan, along with the above plans, support the agency in moving constantly towards the future. Concerned, Inc. is always striving to achieve the mission for members and improve services to obtain that achievement. All plans set forth different objectives but work collaboratively to realize a variety goals simultaneously and allow for greater success.  

The agency has a lot of victories this past year, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Other goals were put on hold, and we will emphasize and revisit several aspirations from the past year moving into 2021.

  • Human Resources engaged in 100% of background checks, successfully met the employee satisfaction rating and the outcome to reduce staff turnover.
  • The Finance Department tracked and increased the timeliness of submission of timesheets, expense sheets and accompanying documentation.
  • The Adult Day Services program achieved 100% customer overall satisfaction. This is an indication of the high-quality services this agency offers.
  • Adult Day Services members continued to engage in even more activities, of a wide variety.
  • Pre-Vocational Services, while the numbers declined rapidly, especially in the second half of 2019, members still remain working. Referrals also continue to come, though not in large numbers as in years past.
  • Adult Day Services Habilitation members and staff moved from the location in the middle of the building through the door from the Print Shop to the large open area of the building in the center. Adult Day Care remains in the current location for now. It was a major undertaking and many departments and staff helped and made the area very inviting and welcoming. The members and staff love it.
  • Pre-Vocational began a new community setting for services. A group of four members work within Menards in Shelby, IA. The members rotate in and out every 6 months.
  • Service access for members, percentage of stakeholders who ranked Concerned, Inc. at “good” or “excellent,” and the percentage of employers who ranked the agency at “good” or “excellent” for Pre-Vocational Services was excellent at 100%. Again, a reflection of our continued effort to provide this service to disabled members.
  • The SCL Hourly program has a 100% rating from stakeholders who provided a “good” or “excellent” rating for satisfaction. A parent provided an absolutely wonderful and moving written review.
  • The SCL Hourly program went electronic with goal and activity documentation. They utilize computers set up within the administrative building.
  • The SCL Hourly program updated mechanisms to ensure more members choices regarding activities and options.
  • The Site program achieved a 97% satisfaction rate of accessibility for customers, a 95% satisfaction rate of “good” or “excellent” from members and a 100% satisfaction rate of efficiency by stakeholders.
  • The Site program sold a second agency-owned waiver home and the members entered a lease with a community member. We have two agency-owned waiver homes left, and one we will not sell. The second will undergo exploration of sale to someone who will rent it back to members.
  • The Site program increased the number of members who are engaging in alone time and engaging in activities on their own. It is an excellent demonstration of increased independence.
  • The Supported Employment program employed at least 2 members a quarter in all of 2019. At years end, 13 members were engaging in Supported Employment services.
  • Supported Employment have a 100% of customers who would recommend this agency’s supported employment services to others, as well as a 100% satisfaction rate of “good” or “excellent” from stakeholders.
  • The Maintenance department worked on a remodel of the Concerned, Inc. owned waiver home on 19th in Harlan.
  • The Maintenance department worked with the Adult Day Services program to move the Habilitation members out to the large area of the building, where Pre-Vocational services once existed.

As we begin the new year of 2020, we have lots of plans. Administratively the staff will work on multiple training manuals to further and more effectively train or re-train all staff. The Department Head Team and Administrative Team will hold retreats and engage in idea formulation. Both teams will engage in creative and extensive ways to advertise services as well as employment opportunities. We will engage in social media presence. Employee recognition will become a priority as we seek to increase employee morale, which increases satisfaction of members and services. Pre-Vocational Services will CONTINUE to see community employment opportunities for teams, and Supported Employment will continue to engage all willing members to seek community jobs. This program will also continue the strong relationships with IVRS and the Region for Supported Employment support and funding. This agency should continue to see an uptick in numbers with Adult Day Services and Supported Employment. Concerned, Inc. will also actively continue to seek referrals for all programs and communicate with case managers and funding entities across the state of Iowa.  

These outcomes are figured on a quarterly basis throughout the year, but the total completion is done after the end of the calendar year. No figures are accurate until after December 31. The agency then examines whether any goal met, exceeded or did not meet the percentage listed. If the goal was not met, then a Corrective Action Plan is formulated to address remediation of any potential errors or other circumstances. The goal is re-worked for the next calendar year, to include changes and realistic levels of achievement. If the goal is met, it is possible to discontinue to goal, but always continue the practice. Many goals are continued year after year, due to accreditation. Goals can always be re-worked or re-worded to explore other avenues of detail.

This report will be shared with all employees of Concerned, Inc. The Board of Directors receives a copy upon completion. It is available to all case managers, guardians, families and other stakeholders. We can provide it to other providers and businesses in collaboration with the agency. This report is posted to our Facebook page as well as linked on our website.